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Your Training

In today’s business world, where quality, service and professionalism are paramount our security staff are supported by a very highly trained and experienced hands on management team. You will find that the personalized service and attention to detail is second to none and that is a big statement from a security company that stands on its reputation.

SAM Security guards are the benchmark to which others compare. It is not only our extensive training that sets us apart from the rest; it is our experience, ability to identify personalities and designate staff on the basis of task compatibility, not working on the basis of who is available. It is this specific identification of individual task requirements that allows our guards to not only perform in a manner only benefiting the true professional, but to perform in an environment where they are compatible both physically and mentally. It is our commitment to giving the client what they want that ensures you will receive officers that are suited to your particular needs. Specialized Security provides guards that are trained to provide support in many situations.

  1. Uniform & Grooming
  2. Communications
  3. Use of Force
  4. General Security Guard Procedures
  5. Crime Scene Preservation & First Response
  6. Ethics
  7. Emergency Response Procedures
  8. Electronic security system